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The complete workshop schedule is still being finalized and will be available at the weekend. Subject to possible minor changes, workshop dances will include:

Cross-step waltz, several other kinds of waltz, maxixe, samba, Castle Schottische, vintage tango, lindy hop, turning two-step, Jazz Age Charleston, nightclub two-step, vintage blues, vintage foxtrot, 1950s rock'n roll cha cha, swing rueda, redowa, one-step.


7:00-7:30pm Sign-in, greet your friends, and don your dance shoes!
7:30-9:30pm Workshops
Saturday   9-9:10am Say "good morning", don your dance shoes
9:10-9:30am Warmup exercises with Joan Walton
9:30-4:30pm Workshops, on-site catered lunch
5-7pm *Optional buffet dinner at Broker Inn
8-11pm Decades Dance with DJs Richard Powers & Joan Walton. Wear your favorite casual or dressy attire from any of the last 10 DECADES! (open ONLY to dance weekend registrants to avoid a crowded ballroom)
Sunday   9:30-9:40am Say "good morning", don your dance shoes
9:40-10am Warmup exercises with Joan Walton
10-4:30pm Workskhops and Jammix (practice and informal social dance to end the weekend)
6:15pm ++ Optional Boulder Dinner Theater production by Joan Walton's two playwright brothers
* $26/person. Kick back and relax with our teachers and other dancers between the workshops and the Decades Dance. Registrants will receive an email closer to the weekend to sign up for this optional buffet dinner.
++ "Midlife: the Crisis Musical!" at the Boulder Dinner Theater just up the road from the Avalon. Not an official part of the weekend events, but a fun way to cap off your weekend! Advance tickets a must! Reserve your own with the Dinner Theater the sooner the better, as these productions usually sell out. Joan and several dancers will be there; she has seen the performance in another state, and can vouch for the great humor!

Dance Hall Etiquette

Shoes: Please wear clean, non-marking, soft-sole (leather, not rubber) shoes to protect the wood floor. Recommend low heels or flats for women. You want shoes that will turn easily. Casual, comfortable clothing.

Shirts:As a courtesy to your partners, please bring one or more dry shirts to change into if you perspire profusely.

Prevent allergic reactions: Please leave strong perfumes/after-shaves at home. Sensitive noses will thank you!!