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Join Richard, Joan, Angela, and Tracey for a fun-filled and stimulating weekend of dance workshops that will span the last 100+ years…

from the Turning Two-Step to the Night Club Two-Step!

Richard and Joan will be teaching a variety of dances simultaneously in adjacent spaces. You will be able to choose classes that include all or most of the following: cross-step waltz, several other kinds of waltz, maxixe, samba, Castle Schottische, vintage tango, lindy hop, turning two-step, Jazz Age Charleston, nightclub two-step, vintage blues, vintage foxtrot, 1950s rock'n roll cha cha, swing rueda, redowa, one-step. **


  • Intermediate dance partnering skills
  • Recommended minimum one year social partner dance experience
  • Comfort with the basic turning waltz
**If you'd like to dance abroad next summer, the vintage dances taught during the weekend will prepare you for the 2008 Prague Vintage Dance Week, July 19-26, followed by a week of touring and dancing in either Ireland or Italy!