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Join Richard and Angela for a fun-filled weekend of workshops, social dancing, and community spirit with dance friends from near and far!

April 9, 2006 update...and a wonderful time was had by all! If you wish to be added to the mailing list for announcements about future Richard Powers dance weekends in Colorado, please contact Marilyn.

Prerequisite: Please be comfortable with the basic turning waltz!

The weekend will include:

  • Shadow (Sweetheart) waltz variations.  Fun, easy and creative.

  • Crosstep Waltz. Many new variations.

  • Redowa. This 19th-century step done to waltz music is the closest thing to flying on a dance floor!

  • Bal musette dances. La Java, a French cabaret mazurka from Paris in the Jazz Age.

  • "What can you dance to this music?" Exploring the outer fringes of waltz tempos and energy levels, including blues waltz, Latin waltz, 5/4 time waltz, and syncopated waltz.

  • “Waltzing for Waltzers.”  Okay, you've learned the basic waltz step. But you see others effortlessly spinning, sometimes at high speeds, with a look of absolute bliss. What's their secret?  How can you be the favorite waltz partner on the dance floor?

  • Black & White Ball: Waltzing and Ballroom Dance with live music Saturday night.

  • Waltz Jammix. Informal social dance and practice with DJ Richard Powers Sunday afternoon.