Titanic Centennial

Ragtime Dance Weekend

featuring Richard Powers with Angela Amarillas

from the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Friday April 13 – Sunday April 15, 2012

Avalon Ballroom, Boulder, Colorado

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Workshops/Optional events –Marilyn Chartrand, 510-749-1439

Registration – Marilyn Chartrand, Dorothy Vernon

Ball –Jim X. Borzym

White Star Ladies Auxiliary Fashion Committee – Dorothy Vernon, Susie Reisser

steerageflagHistorical note: More than half of the total 1,324 passengers on the Titanic - 710 in all - were traveling steerage (third class.) This truly international collection of people came from all over Europe and were on their way to start a new life in America. More than 100 of the third-class passengers were Irish and had left their troubled island from the emigrants' traditional departure point of Queenstown. Many had never been to sea before, few had any belongings, and all were leaving Europe with mixed feelings -- regret for the homes and loved ones they were leaving behind, and nervous anticipation for the new world that awaited them. On board, 220 cabins housed families, while single people were separated: women in cabins at the rear, men in a large dormitory in the bow.