Titanic Centennial

Ragtime Dance Weekend

featuring Richard Powers with Angela Amarillas

from the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Friday April 13-Sunday April 15, 2012

Avalon Ballroom, Boulder, Colorado

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Titanic Era Ball

gownstailcoatImagine a grand ball held in 1912, perhaps in honor of the launching of the Titanic. Imagine recreating such a scene at the Avalon ballroom, complete with all of the lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen dressed as they would to toast that most luxurious of liners! To create that period ambiance, arriving in vintage or replica period dress (1910–1914) is essential. If you’re thrilled at the idea of costuming for the Ragtime Era, hurray! Book your passage! If you’re a bit iffy on the subject, read our Costume information (Ladies or Gentlemen) and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

The Basic Weekend registration package includes a discounted ticket to the Ball. (See Registration for details.) Public Ball tickets will be available via online registration after March 1, and will be role balanced. Number of Ball tickets will be limited by ballroom capacity.


Expect elegant refreshments, genteel manners, sumptuous dancing, performances by Watch Your Step and Richard and Angela, and an evening you won't want to end!

We sail promptly at 7:30pm, so don't be late!


flagHistorical note: We know there was no ballroom on the Titanic, nor was dancing encouraged. In 1912, Ragtime dance was still in the process of transforming into what would become the most popular dance craze of the early 20th century. It was not until the 1920's that her sister ship, Olympic, which had a nearly identical floor plan, was remodelled to include a dance floor.