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Who's Coming When

I'll update the table below as we find out people's arrival/departure times so we can coordinate rental cars and transportation to/from the Boise airport.

Arrival Logistics

Plan on about an hour or so for the drive from Boise airport to the cabin area. Cabin check-in is 3pm, so if you come in before that, I'll be giving everybody directions for where to hit the very delicious local Boise restaurants downtown, which is on the way, for lunch.

You will also want to allow time to pick up groceries before leaving Boise...see the Meal page.


Arrive (flight times)

Leave (flight times)



Carol & Chuck

Carol Mon 10:30am
Chuck Thurs 10:20am

Sun 11am Fly rental w/ Dave/Mar
Chelsea & Warren Wed -morning or afternoon Sun driving to Portland Road trip  
Dave & Mary Mon 10:20am Sun 2:30pm fly rental w/ Carol/Mar
Den & Mad Wed 2-5pm Sun driving to Oregon Road trip  
Devon, Caroline, Charlotte Wed 1:30pm Sun 2pm Fly rental maybe w Rebecca
Glenn, Tricia, Katie Wed 11am Sun late afternoon Fly rental
Kelli & Emily Wed around 4pm Sun driving to Yellowstone Fly rental w/ Win
Lex Wed 11:20pm Sun 11am Fly  
Marilyn Mon 11am Sun 2pm Fly rental w/ Dave/Carol
Rebecca & McKay Fri 8:35pm Sun 2:40pm Fly rental

Scott, Allex, Sylvia, Elizabeth,

Boise Tues pm/cabins Wed mid-day Allex lv early Fri/rest early Sun Fly rental
Winnie Wed 4pm Sun mid-day or 4:30 Fly rental w/ Kelli