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We will be sharing a lot of meals, outside BBQ, picnics, and maybe a restaurant or two.

Everybody will be responsible for their own groceries for breakfast and lunch, and we'll make a plan for how best to share evening meals. (We might also share lunches, but for sure we'll share dinner). The cabins have fully furnished modern kitchens, so this should be easy!

We are advised to do most of our food shopping before leaving Boise. Boise is Albertson's headquarters, so there's one on every corner, but here's one on the way from the airport! There's also apparently a Costco not far from the airport. There is a small market in Garden Valley, but selection is limited, and, of course, more costly due to the rural location

Restaurants. We will likely have at least one meal out together as a whole family at the Longhorn Restaurant and Saloon...their menu ranges from buffalo burgers to veggie burgers, and there's plenty of great "kid" food too!