Joan Walton

(from the San Francisco Bay Area, California)

held at the Turnverein Ballroom, Denver, Colorado
March 4-6, 2005


The Ragtime Dance Era (1919-1914) saw the largest international dance craze in the 20th century!
Join us for a fascinating weekend of workshops on these fun-filled dances!

  • One Step
  • Ragtime Era Tango
  • Ragtime Era Foxtrot
  • Hesitation Waltz
  • and other dances of the Ragtime Era
  • History of Ragtime Dance – talk and film clips
  • Separate classes for Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced


Everybody: Some experience in any kind of closed position partner dancing

Track A (Beginner):
1. Comfortable with 0-1 of these Ragtime dances: One-step, Ragtime era foxtrot, Ragtime era tango, Hesitation waltz OR
2. Want to work on partnering skills

Track B (Intermediate/Advanced):
1. Comfortable with 2 or more of the above Ragtime dances AND
2. Most partners are comfortable with your leading or following skills

Download and print the flyer/registration form which contains the same information as this web site.


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