Working with adult students (and occasionally interested children) is my honor and my pleasure. I work with anyone who is motivated to learn music for their playing pleasure!

Lessons and classes are available for beginners. In 6 weeks of lessons, we set goals. learn some songs, and also some music basics. Practice tips help keep on track for making music enjoyable and refreshing.

Those returning to piano can review basics, build their library of songs, and expect to improve their satisfaction from playing. Some of the skills people want to learn include:

  • learning to complete pieces
  • increasing repertoire
  • reviewing rhythm and tricks for continuous playing
  • suggestions for handling troublesome spots in a piece
  • tips for keeping practice enjoyable

    Lessons are usually 45 minutes, (sometimes an hour,) depending on the student. 6 weeks is a minimum for setting and reaching goals!

    Taking lessons back-to-back with friends or family members can be a treat, and begins a possibility for duets. For many people, music is a good shared experience!

    Evenings and after school times are currently full. I’m taking waitlists for January 2006.

    I’m opening some new daytime hours, including before work and during the lunch hour. Lessons at home are available in some areas.

    I welcome your questions!