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Download the complete schedule with class details. (There will be paper copies available Friday night when you check-in.)

A recent survey of the weekend registrants indicates that waltz, both cross-step and other forms, is the top requested dance. Thus about half the workshops will be waltz, including lots of cross-step variations, with other classes offered in these requested dances: foxtrot, swing, mazurka, schottische, tango.

7:00-7:30pm Sign-in, greet your friends, and don your dance shoes!
7:30-9:30pm Workshops
Saturday   9-9:10am Say "good morning", don your dance shoes
9:10-9:30am Warmup exercises with Joan Walton
9:30-4:50pm Workshops, on-site catered lunch, Early Swing Talk and film clips with Richard
5-7pm Optional nearby dinner at Jaya Grill

* Ragtime/Deco Era Social Dance
* 'Teens, 20s, 30s, 40's or contemporary dressy attire
* Music by DJs Richard Powers and Joan Walton
* Performance by Watch Your Step!

* Not open to the public

Sunday   9:30-9:40am Say "good morning", don your dance shoes
9:40-10am Warmup exercises with Joan Walton
10-4:30pm Workskhops, on-site lunch, and Jammix (practice and informal social dance to end the weekend)

Dance Hall Etiquette

Shoes: Please wear clean, non-marking, soft-sole (leather, not rubber) non-street shoes to protect the gym floors. Recommend low heels or flats for women. You want shoes that will turn easily. Casual, comfortable clothing for the workshops.

Shirts:As a courtesy to your partners, please bring one or more dry shirts to change into if you perspire profusely.

Prevent allergic reactions: Please leave strong perfumes/after-shaves at home. Sensitive noses will thank you!!