Boulder, CO Friday July 30-Sunday Aug. 30, 2004

Narodno Reunion Brunch
Narodno BioBook
Alex Wilson's Celebration

Narodno BioBook

Marilyn Chartrand will be assembling a “BioBook,” an aggregate of Former Member Personal Pages from any of you who would like to be included. Copies will be made available at cost at the potluck reunion.

Suggest you include: 1) Name and contact information; 2) Role in the group (dancer, musician, singer…) and what years you were in the group; 3) favorite Narodno memories; 4) where your life has taken you since you left the group. Optional photo: (current or from the old days in costume)

Please try to keep your Personal Page to ONE page (including photo). Best way to get them to me is electronically via email, including digital photo. But if that’s not a handy option, next best is email the text and mail the photo, or mail both to me if you don’t do email. Please send NO LATER THAN JULY 1 to be included in the BioBook.

Please RSVP to Marilyn if you think you’ll be attending the Reunion Brunch and indicate if you’d like a copy of the BioBook, so we can get a rough head count.