March 4-6, 2005 - Denver, Colorado



The majority of Swing Weekend dancers are local and within reasonable driving distance of the Turnverein.

However, if you are from WAY out of town (like Seattle or NY, for example), or are from the greater Denver area, and would prefer not to drive back and forth (such as Colorado Springs or Ft. Collins,), check the box on the registration form "I am from out-of-town and would like to be hosted by a local dancer." We will do our best to connect you with another dancer who can put you up in their home.

And, if you'd like to make it a true "getaway" weekend, here are a couple of suggestions for nearby commercial accomodations. (I have not stayed in any of these, so investigate them yourself as if they are unknown!)

Victorian Bed and Breakfasts:

Holiday Chalet- A Victorian Bed and Breakfast, 1820 E. Colfax. $95+. 11 blocks away.

Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast, 2147 Tremont Pl. $95+. 10 blocks away.

Adagio Bed and Breakfast, 1430 Race, $75+. 14 blocks away.

Capital Hill Mansion Bed and Breakfast, 1207 Pennsylvania St., $95+. 7 blocks away.

The Gregory Inn Bed and Breakfast, 2500 Arapahoe St., $84+. 20 blocks away.

If you prefer a hotel, go to Denver Hotels or many other hotel web sites for Denver that you can easily find by doing a web search.

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